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The Fluffy Godmother is a pet owners wish come true!
Knowing how much you love your pets, she will give them all the love, attention and care you want them to have when you are not around to give it.




facebook: FluffyGodmother Whitley Bay

A friendly and reliable, local alternative to catteries and kennels throughout the North East coastal area.

Caring for your pet at home is far less stressful for them than the alternatives and they can still enjoy familiar surroundings in the comfort of their own home.

Whether you are on holiday or busy elsewhere-the 'Fluffy Godmother' can be trusted to take care of your pets every whim, ensuring you and them are happy.

Remember to book early if you need the Fluffy Godmother to look after and love your pets during your 2015 holidays. There are new special offers on block bookings too!

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